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ID Sample name Label Added Device Signature Created Sensors
1013215465 lamp.1d8pevds lamp phone_kcow4hsl HS256 image
1013215464 00000.1d8pjp3h lamp HS256 image
1013215463 00014.1d8pjp3h lamp HS256 image
1013215462 00004.1d8pjp3p lamp HS256 image
1013215461 00013.1d8pjp3l lamp HS256 image
1013215460 00021.1d8pjp6q lamp HS256 image
1013215459 00020.1d8pjp6j lamp HS256 image
1013215458 00024.1d8pjp7b lamp HS256 image
1013215457 00006.1d8pjp92 plant HS256 image
1013215456 00008.1d8pjp9g plant HS256 image
1013215455 00010.1d8pjpa8 plant HS256 image
1013215454 00015.1d8pjpb5 plant HS256 image
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