Anson He / Alcohol Public

Test data

Set the 'expected outcome' for each sample to the desired outcome to automatically score the impulse.
Sample name Expected outcome Length Accuracy Result
testing.1f85oj3e testing 2s
testing.1f85ma30 testing 2s
testing.1f85lnrb testing 0s
testing.1f85ea92 testing 10s
testing.1f857ho1 testing 10s
testing.1f855k5u testing 10s
testing.1f853iel testing 10s
testing.1dkrhh1f testing 10s
testing.1dkrca51 testing 10s
testing.1dkrb3qh testing 5s
testing.1dkr88jc testing 5s
testing.1dkqv4sl testing 5s
testing.1dkqua5f testing 5s
testing.1dkqsq2g testing 10s
testing.1dkqn7nd testing 10s
testing.1dkql3fp testing 10s
testing.1dkqcquh testing 10s
testing.1dkqbffq testing 10s
testing.1dkq8u5l testing 10s
testing.1dkq5l3i testing 10s
Beer.1d2oqea0 Beer 10s
Beer.1d2orb5b Beer 10s
Beer.1d2osdd4 Beer 10s
Beer.1d2ot6mm Beer 10s
Beer.1d2ou83g Beer 10s
Beer.1d2ov6ml Beer 10s
Joyouth.1dkp57fl Joyouth 10s
Joyouth.1dkp6oul Joyouth 10s
Joyouth.1dkp3s4c Joyouth 10s
Joyouth.1dkp2lme Joyouth 10s
Joyouth.1dkp179k Joyouth 10s
Joyouth.1dkovi2u Joyouth 10s
testing.1dkocg7t testing 5s
testing.1dknos3v testing 5s
testing.1dkjh091 testing 10s
testing.1d2q9i3n testing 10s
testing.1d2q4qge testing 10s
testing.1d2q3eq1 testing 5s
Wine.1d2phct3 Wine 10s
Wine.1d2pid6n Wine 10s
Wine.1d2pjdd6 Wine 10s
Wine.1d2pk6ic Wine 10s
Wine.1d2pl2d3 Wine 10s
Wine.1d2pm1t9 Wine 10s

Model testing output