Salman Faris / worker safety wearable - Ported for xG24 Public
Set the 'expected outcome' for each sample to the desired outcome to automatically score the impulse.
Sample name Expected outcome Length Accuracy Result
testing.42hnssb1 testing 10s 2 Correct posture - squat
Correct posture - squat.3fuata9p Correct posture - squat 30s 86% 6 Correct posture - squat, 1 InCorrect posture - Bent Down
InCorrect posture - Bent Down.3fubg05a InCorrect posture - Bent Down 30s 86% 6 InCorrect posture - Bent Down, 1 Improper Sitting posture
Walking.3fublcdc Walking 30s 100% 7 Walking
Good Sitting posture.3fuc2mba Correct Sitting posture 20s 100% 5 Correct Sitting posture
Improper Sitting posture.3fuc49m8 Improper Sitting posture 20s 80% 4 Improper Sitting posture, 1 InCorrect posture - Bent Down

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