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The Protector - a life saving wearable



Air quality monitoring, activity tracker, configurable alerts, AI-powered fall detection, long-lasting battery, and a great app to track and visualize everything through BLE.

Many of us like to go for a walk, whether it is to do some exercise, to shop at the market, or for a simple walk in the park, whatever our case may be, we are exposed to the weather conditions of the moment, if we walk in a prairie we probably don't have to worry about the quality of the air we breathe, but this is not the case in town, stores or even our office.

To take care of ourselves in these spaces that can have an impact on our health, I have created "The Protector", a device that is always with us, going almost unnoticed, but keeping a constant record of certain parameters that will allow us to know if we are in a safe place or If we are fine, these include temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, air quality, CO2 concentration, and even what we are doing at the moment, if we are standing still, walking, running, in a car, bicycle and last but not least, detecting if we have suffered a fall.

The project is accompanied by a custom-designed mobile application in which we will be able to see all the mentioned variables in real time, and also see the records of important moments such as exposure to highly polluted air, having been in very high places or the fact that we fell.

All this will be recorded with the exact time, the conditions and the place where it occurred.

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Spectral features training data NPY file 723 windows
Spectral features training labels NPY file 723 windows
Spectral features testing data NPY file 357 windows
Spectral features testing labels NPY file 357 windows
Classifier model TensorFlow Lite (float32) 5 KB
Classifier model TensorFlow Lite (int8 quantized) 3 KB
Classifier model TensorFlow SavedModel 11 KB
Classifier model Keras h5 model 5 KB

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