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Test data

Set the 'expected outcome' for each sample to the desired outcome to automatically score the impulse.
Sample name Expected outcome Length Accuracy Result
yes.1jun8r13 yes 1s
yes.1jun8qv6 yes 1s
yes.1jun8qif yes 1s
yes.1jun8qg8 yes 1s
yes.1jun8qc9 yes 1s
yes.1jun8q9e yes 1s
yes.1jun8q7l yes 1s
yes.1jun8q6r yes 1s
yes.1jun8prj yes 1s
yes.1jun8ped yes 1s
yes.1jun8pci yes 1s
yes.1jun8p8i yes 1s
yes.1jun8p7q yes 1s
yes.1jun8p3r yes 1s
yes.1jun8p1f yes 1s
yes.1jun8p1p yes 1s
yes.1jun8p0p yes 1s
yes.1jun8p01 yes 1s
yes.1jun8ov5 yes 1s
yes.1jun8olu yes 1s
yes.1jun8oae yes 1s
yes.1jun8oab yes 1s
yes.1jun8nth yes 1s
yes.1jun8nqm yes 1s
yes.1jun8nhd yes 1s
yes.1jun8ndc yes 1s
yes.1jun8ncc yes 1s
yes.1jun8nam yes 1s
yes.1jun8n8n yes 1s
yes.1jun8n73 yes 1s
yes.1jun8n6r yes 1s
yes.1jun8n72 yes 1s
yes.1jun8n43 yes 1s
yes.1jun8n0c yes 1s
yes.1jun8mrk yes 1s
yes.1jun8mcq yes 1s
yes.1jun8ma1 yes 1s
yes.1jun8m92 yes 1s
yes.1jun8m0t yes 1s
yes.1jun8ln1 yes 1s
yes.1jun8lih yes 1s
yes.1jun8lhf yes 1s
yes.1jun8ldt yes 1s
yes.1jun8lbq yes 1s
yes.1jun8laa yes 1s
yes.1jun8l4g yes 1s
yes.1jun8kvh yes 1s
yes.1jun8kuo yes 1s
yes.1jun8kup yes 1s
yes.1jun8ktl yes 1s
yes.1jun8kqf yes 1s
yes.1jun8krc yes 1s
yes.1jun8kp6 yes 1s
yes.1jun8klj yes 1s
yes.1jun8kgp yes 1s
yes.1jun8ke4 yes 1s
yes.1jun8kfg yes 1s
yes.1jun8kes yes 1s
yes.1jun8kel yes 1s
yes.1jun8jv3 yes 1s
yes.1jun8jr4 yes 1s
yes.1jun8jn6 yes 1s
yes.1jun8jml yes 1s
yes.1jun8jmi yes 1s
yes.1jun8jg5 yes 1s
yes.1jun8ja2 yes 1s
yes.1jun8j6v yes 1s
yes.1jun8j0b yes 1s
yes.1jun8ivo yes 1s
yes.1jun8ir7 yes 1s
yes.1jun8ifh yes 1s
yes.1jun8iem yes 1s
yes.1jun8i91 yes 1s
yes.1jun8i7u yes 1s
yes.1jun8i5q yes 1s
yes.1jun8i4t yes 1s
yes.1jun8hvi yes 1s
yes.1jun8hle yes 1s
yes.1jun8hln yes 1s
yes.1jun8hf9 yes 1s
yes.1jun8h66 yes 1s
yes.1jun8h2f yes 1s
yes.1jun8gp6 yes 1s
yes.1jun8gn8 yes 1s
yes.1jun8gk0 yes 1s
yes.1jun8gi4 yes 1s
yes.1jun8gej yes 1s
yes.1jun8gdu yes 1s
yes.1jun8gbl yes 1s
yes.1jun8g7m yes 1s
yes.1jun8g5v yes 1s
yes.1jun8g3r yes 1s
yes.1jun8fvu yes 1s
yes.1jun8fss yes 1s
yes.1jun8fre yes 1s
yes.1jun8fid yes 1s
yes.1jun8evb yes 1s
yes.1jun8enb yes 1s
yes.1jun8eo6 yes 1s
yes.1jun8eag yes 1s
yes.1jun8e9o yes 1s
yes.1jun8dt1 yes 1s
yes.1jun8dnt yes 1s
yes.1jun8dnr yes 1s
yes.1jun8dhi yes 1s
yes.1jun8dhg yes 1s
yes.1jun8ddr yes 1s
yes.1jun8db4 yes 1s
yes.1jun8crn yes 1s
yes.1jun8cp6 yes 1s
yes.1jun8cai yes 1s
yes.1jun8c9c yes 1s
yes.1jun8caq yes 1s
yes.1jun8c7k yes 1s
yes.1jun8bv5 yes 1s
yes.1jun8br2 yes 1s
yes.1jun8bp3 yes 1s
yes.1jun8bm8 yes 1s
yes.1jun8bg8 yes 1s
yes.1jun8bdq yes 1s
yes.1jun8b9t yes 1s
yes.1jun8b4c yes 1s
yes.1jun8b23 yes 1s
yes.1jun8av4 yes 1s
yes.1jun8api yes 1s
yes.1jun8ags yes 1s
yes.1jun8a4v yes 1s
yes.1jun89jb yes 1s
yes.1jun89io yes 1s
yes.1jun88t8 yes 1s
yes.1jun88ss yes 1s
yes.1jun88oc yes 1s
yes.1jun88nq yes 1s
yes.1jun88ce yes 1s
yes.1jun883d yes 1s
yes.1jun882p yes 1s
yes.1jun87tg yes 1s
yes.1jun87ru yes 1s
yes.1jun87ie yes 1s
yes.1jun878o yes 1s
yes.1jun874j yes 1s
yes.1jun82ud yes 1s
yes.1jun82sv yes 1s
yes.1jun82rv yes 1s
yes.1jun82pl yes 1s
yes.1jun82pm yes 1s
yes.1jun82ne yes 1s
yes.1jun82nh yes 1s
yes.1jun82kf yes 1s
yes.1jun828o yes 1s
yes.1jun8251 yes 1s
yes.1jun81nh yes 1s
yes.1jun81li yes 1s
yes.1jun81ju yes 1s
yes.1jun81jm yes 1s
yes.1jun81i7 yes 1s
yes.1jun81gp yes 1s
yes.1jun81dn yes 1s
yes.1jun81aa yes 1s
yes.1jun8191 yes 1s
yes.1jun8161 yes 1s
yes.1jun80u0 yes 1s
yes.1jun80th yes 1s
yes.1jun80qe yes 1s
yes.1jun80pk yes 1s
yes.1jun80r3 yes 1s
yes.1jun80l7 yes 1s
yes.1jun80ft yes 1s
yes.1jun80ca yes 1s
yes.1jun8059 yes 1s
yes.1jun7vu1 yes 1s
yes.1jun7vu5 yes 1s
yes.1jun7vn1 yes 1s
yes.1jun7vlm yes 1s
yes.1jun7vam yes 1s
yes.1jun7v99 yes 1s
yes.1jun7v1l yes 1s
yes.1jun7ulr yes 1s
yes.1jun7ul2 yes 1s
yes.1jun7ui3 yes 1s
yes.1jun7u8h yes 1s
yes.1jun7u7g yes 1s
yes.1jun7u2j yes 1s
yes.1jun7u1v yes 1s
yes.1jun7to4 yes 1s
yes.1jun7tn9 yes 1s
yes.1jun7tl2 yes 1s
yes.1jun7t68 yes 1s
yes.1jun7t43 yes 1s
yes.1jun7t0p yes 1s
yes.1jun7sr0 yes 1s
yes.1jun7spc yes 1s
yes.1jun7sim yes 1s
yes.1jun7sgd yes 1s
yes.1jun7sa1 yes 1s
yes.1jun7s6v yes 1s
yes.1jun7s3p yes 1s
yes.1jun7s2h yes 1s
yes.1jun7rtl yes 1s
yes.1jun7rt3 yes 1s
yes.1jun7rjt yes 1s
yes.1jun7rda yes 1s
yes.1jun7rdk yes 1s
yes.1jun7ra6 yes 1s
yes.1jun7r43 yes 1s
yes.1jun7r13 yes 1s
yes.1jun7qkq yes 1s
yes.1jun7qjp yes 1s
yes.1jun7qgi yes 1s
yes.1jun7qgn yes 1s
yes.1jun7phc yes 1s
yes.1jun7pcq yes 1s
yes.1jun7pc3 yes 1s
yes.1jun7paf yes 1s
yes.1jun7pb0 yes 1s
yes.1jun7ou8 yes 1s
yes.1jun7ots yes 1s
yes.1jun7on5 yes 1s
yes.1jun7ok0 yes 1s
yes.1jun7ol8 yes 1s
yes.1jun7oh6 yes 1s
yes.1jun7og8 yes 1s
yes.1jun7ods yes 1s
yes.1jun7oe3 yes 1s
yes.1jun7oab yes 1s
yes.1jun7o98 yes 1s
yes.1jun7o2c yes 1s
yes.1jun7o0o yes 1s
yes.1jun7np4 yes 1s
yes.1jun7nm8 yes 1s
yes.1jun7nl7 yes 1s
yes.1jun7nfq yes 1s
yes.1jun7nen yes 1s
yes.1jun7ne8 yes 1s
yes.1jun7mul yes 1s
yes.1jun7mrs yes 1s
yes.1jun7min yes 1s
yes.1jun7md2 yes 1s
yes.1jun7m9m yes 1s
yes.1jun7lv8 yes 1s
yes.1jun7lud yes 1s
yes.1jun7ltq yes 1s
yes.1jun7ll7 yes 1s
yes.1jun7lke yes 1s
yes.1jun7lje yes 1s
yes.1jun7le0 yes 1s
yes.1jun7ld3 yes 1s
yes.1jun7l5c yes 1s
yes.1jun7l3i yes 1s
yes.1jun7l2i yes 1s
yes.1jun7ktg yes 1s
yes.1jun7ks0 yes 1s
yes.1jun7knq yes 1s
yes.1jun7khl yes 1s
yes.1jun7ke6 yes 1s
yes.1jun7kbv yes 1s
yes.1jun7k3k yes 1s
yes.1jun7jvd yes 1s
yes.1jun7k1a yes 1s
yes.1jun7js9 yes 1s
yes.1jun7jo0 yes 1s
yes.1jun7jdo yes 1s
yes.1jun7j88 yes 1s
yes.1jun7ith yes 1s
yes.1jun7ird yes 1s
yes.1jun7ig0 yes 1s
yes.1jun7if2 yes 1s
yes.1jun7icv yes 1s
yes.1jun7ib8 yes 1s
yes.1jun7i6g yes 1s
yes.1jun7i7a yes 1s
yes.1jun7i5l yes 1s
yes.1jun7i51 yes 1s
yes.1jun7i1s yes 1s
yes.1jun7hq7 yes 1s
yes.1jun7hlr yes 1s
yes.1jun7hkv yes 1s
yes.1jun7hja yes 1s
yes.1jun7hd1 yes 1s
yes.1jun7ha0 yes 1s
yes.1jun7h8v yes 1s
yes.1jun7h4v yes 1s
yes.1jun7h1o yes 1s
yes.1jun7gl9 yes 1s
yes.1jun7gm0 yes 1s
yes.1jun7gl8 yes 1s
yes.1jun7gif yes 1s
yes.1jun7ggc yes 1s
yes.1jun7gd9 yes 1s
yes.1jun7gcd yes 1s
yes.1jun7g9t yes 1s
yes.1jun7g4b yes 1s
yes.1jun7g4j yes 1s
yes.1jun7fut yes 1s
yes.1jun7fv1 yes 1s
yes.1jun7fsq yes 1s
yes.1jun7fpb yes 1s
yes.1jun7fi8 yes 1s
yes.1jun7fa0 yes 1s
yes.1jun7f6m yes 1s
yes.1jun7f0u yes 1s
yes.1jun7erq yes 1s
yes.1jun7en6 yes 1s
yes.1jun7el3 yes 1s
yes.1jun7e62 yes 1s
yes.1jun7e2v yes 1s
yes.1jun7e59 yes 1s
yes.1jun7e42 yes 1s
no.1jun1sv9 no 1s
no.1jun1sqn no 1s
no.1jun1sqo no 1s
no.1jun1sn0 no 1s
no.1jun1siq no 1s
no.1jun1s8p no 1s
no.1jun1rk6 no 1s
no.1jun1rhn no 1s
no.1jun1r8b no 1s
no.1jun1r39 no 1s
no.1jun1r0c no 1s
no.1jun1qfj no 1s
no.1jun1qcq no 1s
no.1jun1qa7 no 1s
no.1jun1qa2 no 1s
no.1jun1pts no 1s
no.1jun1ppo no 1s
no.1jun1pot no 1s
no.1jun1plo no 1s
no.1jun1pib no 1s
no.1jun1pjv no 1s
no.1jun1pih no 1s
no.1jun1pfu no 1s
no.1jun1pf2 no 1s
no.1jun1pci no 1s
no.1jun1ovg no 1s
no.1jun1p3s no 1s
no.1jun1oui no 1s
no.1jun1ouv no 1s
no.1jun1oms no 1s
no.1jun1obq no 1s
no.1jun1o7i no 1s
no.1jun1o4m no 1s
no.1jun1nt0 no 1s
no.1jun1nou no 1s
no.1jun1nmv no 1s
no.1jun1nel no 1s
no.1jun1ncn no 1s
no.1jun1n9a no 1s
no.1jun1n5v no 1s
no.1jun1n77 no 1s
no.1jun1n3f no 1s
no.1jun1mpg no 1s
no.1jun1mn0 no 1s
no.1jun1mkj no 1s
no.1jun1mfs no 1s
no.1jun1mce no 1s
no.1jun1m99 no 1s
no.1jun1m5r no 1s
no.1jun1m62 no 1s
no.1jun1lve no 1s
no.1jun1lp3 no 1s
no.1jun1lpr no 1s
no.1jun1lcm no 1s
no.1jun1la5 no 1s
no.1jun1l99 no 1s
no.1jun1l7g no 1s
no.1jun1ktj no 1s
no.1jun1krl no 1s
no.1jun1knv no 1s
no.1jun1klj no 1s
no.1jun1kfu no 1s
no.1jun1kfj no 1s
no.1jun1kdv no 1s
no.1jun1ka1 no 1s
no.1jun1jnm no 1s
no.1jun1jjq no 1s
no.1jun1jg7 no 1s
no.1jun1j6v no 1s
no.1jun1j6v no 1s
no.1jun1j5f no 1s
no.1jun1iq1 no 1s
no.1jun1imm no 1s
no.1jun1im5 no 1s
no.1jun1ima no 1s
no.1jun1i36 no 1s
no.1jun1i60 no 1s
no.1jun1i3d no 1s
no.1jun1i36 no 1s
no.1jun1hve no 1s
no.1jun1hsj no 1s
no.1jun1hrn no 1s
no.1jun1hr5 no 1s
no.1jun1hi8 no 1s
no.1jun1hf4 no 1s
no.1jun1hec no 1s
no.1jun1hch no 1s
no.1jun1hbj no 1s
no.1jun1ha4 no 1s
no.1jun1h5a no 1s
no.1jun1h2o no 1s
no.1jun1gs8 no 1s
no.1jun1grh no 1s
no.1jun1gii no 1s
no.1jun1ges no 1s
no.1jun1gb6 no 1s
no.1jun1g8o no 1s
no.1jun1g3o no 1s
no.1jun1fss no 1s
no.1jun1flb no 1s
no.1jun1fl5 no 1s
no.1jun1fiq no 1s
no.1jun1fg7 no 1s
no.1jun1fbm no 1s
no.1jun1fae no 1s
no.1jun1f97 no 1s
no.1jun1fa3 no 1s
no.1jun1f1d no 1s
no.1jun1eev no 1s
no.1jun1efm no 1s
no.1jun1e95 no 1s
no.1jun1e77 no 1s
no.1jun1e4q no 1s
no.1jun1dp6 no 1s
no.1jun1deu no 1s
no.1jun1d87 no 1s
no.1jun1cvm no 1s
no.1jun1c3d no 1s
no.1jun1c23 no 1s
no.1jun1c17 no 1s
no.1jun1bv9 no 1s
no.1jun1brv no 1s
no.1jun1bqu no 1s
no.1jun1bmh no 1s
no.1jun1bkd no 1s
no.1jun1bfh no 1s
no.1jun1be4 no 1s
no.1jun1b9t no 1s
no.1jun1b21 no 1s
no.1jun1b2o no 1s
no.1jun1alm no 1s
no.1jun1alk no 1s
no.1jun1ako no 1s
no.1jun1ajl no 1s
no.1jun1aj1 no 1s
no.1jun16ql no 1s
no.1jun16mk no 1s
no.1jun16lv no 1s
no.1jun16l7 no 1s
no.1jun165u no 1s
no.1jun162o no 1s
no.1jun160g no 1s
no.1jun15so no 1s
no.1jun15qd no 1s
no.1jun158e no 1s
no.1jun14qt no 1s
no.1jun14og no 1s
no.1jun14cl no 1s
no.1jun145o no 1s
no.1jun1451 no 1s
no.1jun13ka no 1s
no.1jun13iu no 1s
no.1jun13er no 1s
no.1jun13an no 1s
no.1jun139u no 1s
no.1jun138f no 1s
no.1jun12sk no 1s
no.1jun12r3 no 1s
no.1jun12p8 no 1s
no.1jun12oc no 1s
no.1jun12ik no 1s
no.1jun125l no 1s
no.1jun1234 no 1s
no.1jun120n no 1s
no.1jun120p no 1s
no.1jun11q2 no 1s
no.1jun11nj no 1s
no.1jun11i5 no 1s
no.1jun11bo no 1s
no.1jun119b no 1s
no.1jun114b no 1s
no.1jun111t no 1s
no.1jun10vu no 1s
no.1jun10um no 1s
no.1jun10nv no 1s
no.1jun10fj no 1s
no.1jun10bo no 1s
no.1jun107a no 1s
no.1jun0vs4 no 1s
no.1jun0vge no 1s
no.1jun0v55 no 1s
no.1jun0v35 no 1s
no.1jun0v0u no 1s
no.1jun0urn no 1s
no.1jun0ukc no 1s
no.1jun0ugb no 1s
no.1jun0uai no 1s
no.1jun0u8c no 1s
no.1jun0u3l no 1s
no.1jun0u3q no 1s
no.1jun0tvi no 1s
no.1jun0u10 no 1s
no.1jun0ts4 no 1s
no.1jun0tm9 no 1s
no.1jun0th0 no 1s
no.1jun0tf8 no 1s
no.1jun0t31 no 1s
no.1jun0t9v no 1s
no.1jun0t7o no 1s
no.1jun0sut no 1s
no.1jun0srl no 1s
no.1jun0slt no 1s
no.1jun0slq no 1s
no.1jun0seo no 1s
no.1jun0sf2 no 1s
no.1jun0s8b no 1s
no.1jun0s3h no 1s
no.1jun0s1k no 1s
no.1jun0s0q no 1s
no.1jun0rvf no 1s
no.1jun0r2a no 1s
no.1jun0qt9 no 1s
no.1jun0qnk no 1s
no.1jun0qct no 1s
no.1jun0q5l no 1s
no.1jun0q2k no 1s
no.1jun0prc no 1s
no.1jun0pmg no 1s
no.1jun0ovl no 1s
no.1jun0ou7 no 1s
no.1jun0okn no 1s
no.1jun0okk no 1s
no.1jun0ocf no 1s
no.1jun0o55 no 1s
no.1jun0nu7 no 1s
no.1jun0nsv no 1s
no.1jun0np1 no 1s
no.1jun0no7 no 1s
no.1jun0nlg no 1s
no.1jun0nil no 1s
no.1jun0nj3 no 1s
no.1jun0nht no 1s
no.1jun0ngv no 1s
no.1jun0nfu no 1s
no.1jun0nc2 no 1s
no.1jun0n4l no 1s
no.1jun0n2f no 1s
no.1jun0n2j no 1s
no.1jun0n2j no 1s
no.1jun0mv8 no 1s
no.1jun0mna no 1s
no.1jun0mjt no 1s
no.1jun0mik no 1s
no.1jun0mcg no 1s
no.1jun0m9a no 1s
no.1jun0m5m no 1s
no.1jun0m5g no 1s
no.1jun0m3k no 1s
no.1jun0m22 no 1s
no.1jun0lvr no 1s
no.1jun0lpd no 1s
no.1jun0lgv no 1s
no.1jun0leg no 1s
no.1jun0l83 no 1s