Justin Lutz / Rower Public

Test data

Set the 'expected outcome' for each sample to the desired outcome to automatically score the impulse.
Sample name Expected outcome Length Anomaly Accuracy Result
testing.json.30i5abi7 testing 2s
testing.json.30i575gq testing 1s
testing.json.30i56fhb testing 1s
testing.json.3053pmcm testing 10s
testing.json.3053o92s testing 10s
testing.json.3053mnfb testing 10s
testing.json.304ud1b9 testing 10s
testing.json.2vd45nug testing 19s
testing.json.2vd40f3a testing 19s
testing.json.2vd3ulej testing 19s
testing.json.2vd3n85t testing 19s
testing.json.2vd3lasl testing 19s
hi-spm.json.2vd1qlhs hi-spm 28s
hi-spm.json.2vd1nu75 hi-spm 28s
hi-spm.json.2vd1ml8h hi-spm 28s
easy.json.2vd1c5ct easy 29s
hi-spm.json.2vbekeaq hi-spm 10s
hi-spm.json.2vbehbij hi-spm 10s
hi-spm.json.2vbegkau hi-spm 10s
hi-spm.json.2vbefsd1 hi-spm 9s
hi-spm.json.2vbef84s hi-spm 9s
hi-spm.json.2vbedpdi hi-spm 9s
hi-spm.json.2vbeadvb hi-spm 9s
low-spm.json.2vbdvhg5 low-spm 9s
easy.json.2vbdn66d easy 10s
easy.json.2vbdmm3b easy 10s
easy.json.2vbdkksn easy 9s
easy.json.2vbdjh78 easy 9s
easy.json.2vbdivi6 easy 9s
easy.json.2vbdhtb7 easy 9s
easy.json.2vbdhcar easy 9s
easy.json.2vbdg6bt easy 9s

Model testing output