Manivannan / Industry 4.0 - PredictiveMaintenance - Fan Public

Test data

Set the 'expected outcome' for each sample to the desired outcome to automatically score the impulse.
Sample name Expected outcome Length Accuracy Result
00000195.wav.2uddnbl3 normal 10s
00000189.wav.2uddmgmb normal 10s
00000188.wav.2uddkk5e normal 10s
00000186.wav.2uddkeco normal 10s
00000179.wav.2uddjv9r normal 10s
00000174.wav.2uddjv15 normal 10s
00000170.wav.2uddj0f3 normal 10s
00000158.wav.2uddgb7p normal 10s
00000144.wav.2uddcqep normal 10s
00000142.wav.2uddcmbl normal 10s
00000138.wav.2uddci0i normal 10s
00000132.wav.2uddchic normal 10s
00000127.wav.2uddbca0 normal 10s
00000122.wav.2udd8vit normal 10s
00000120.wav.2udd8up2 normal 10s
00000117.wav.2udd8th9 normal 10s
00000113.wav.2udd8rt7 normal 10s
00000111.wav.2udd8qvn normal 10s
00000108.wav.2udd7t9d normal 10s
00000101.wav.2udd552a normal 10s
00000100.wav.2udd518b normal 10s
00000097.wav.2udd50rf normal 10s
00000082.wav.2udd1l5n normal 10s
00000068.wav.2udd140o normal 10s
00000055.wav.2udctdsn normal 10s
00000045.wav.2udctdbt normal 10s
00000044.wav.2udctc7j normal 10s
00000037.wav.2udcplf6 normal 10s
00000032.wav.2udcpl6a normal 10s
00000031.wav.2udcpkq0 normal 10s
00000029.wav.2udcpkfp normal 10s
00000028.wav.2udcpjvs normal 10s
00000027.wav.2udcpjlo normal 10s
00000024.wav.2udcpjio normal 10s
00000023.wav.2udcpj9u normal 10s
00000022.wav.2udcph0s normal 10s
00000014.wav.2udc6t68 normal 10s
00000019.wav.2udc6s7q normal 10s
00000009.wav.2udc6s2n normal 10s
00000001.wav.2udc6r3k normal 10s
00000002.wav.2udc5hlv normal 10s
00000118.wav.2ucueber abnormal 10s
00000114.wav.2ucue9sa abnormal 10s
00000109.wav.2ucue7r1 abnormal 10s
00000108.wav.2ucue7fl abnormal 10s
00000106.wav.2ucud4hh abnormal 10s
00000103.wav.2ucuag1r abnormal 10s
00000101.wav.2ucua2g3 abnormal 10s
00000098.wav.2ucu9re4 abnormal 10s
00000093.wav.2ucu9qkp abnormal 10s
00000091.wav.2ucu9qar abnormal 10s
00000088.wav.2ucu9pou abnormal 10s
00000086.wav.2ucu9p92 abnormal 10s
00000085.wav.2ucu9l85 abnormal 10s
00000084.wav.2ucu8irq abnormal 10s
00000082.wav.2ucu60ge abnormal 10s
00000072.wav.2ucu5ktj abnormal 10s
00000068.wav.2ucu5kgr abnormal 10s
00000056.wav.2ucu1g9t abnormal 10s
00000053.wav.2ucu1g4h abnormal 10s
00000050.wav.2ucu1fvd abnormal 10s
00000046.wav.2ucu1fpq abnormal 10s
00000044.wav.2ucu1fkn abnormal 10s
00000042.wav.2ucu0eib abnormal 10s
00000040.wav.2uctsvku abnormal 10s
00000027.wav.2uctsqeg abnormal 10s
00000031.wav.2uctsqep abnormal 10s
00000013.wav.2uctpngg abnormal 10s
00000012.wav.2uctpn4t abnormal 10s
00000007.wav.2uctplai abnormal 10s
00000006.wav.2uctpl02 abnormal 10s
00000001.wav.2uctp5h3 abnormal 10s
00000023.wav.2uclt5ok normal 10s
00000022.wav.2uclt5es normal 10s
00000002.wav.2uclsq6o normal 10s
00000001.wav.2uclspkh normal 10s
00000014.wav.2uclspba normal 10s
00000019.wav.2uclsmts normal 10s
00000009.wav.2uclsm45 normal 10s
00000013.wav.2uclntl0 abnormal 10s
00000012.wav.2uclntad abnormal 10s
00000007.wav.2uclnsgu abnormal 10s
00000006.wav.2uclnrv1 abnormal 10s
00000001.wav.2uclnrgb abnormal 10s

Model testing output