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Test data

Set the 'expected outcome' for each sample to the desired outcome to automatically score the impulse.
Sample name Expected outcome Length Accuracy Result
testing.2r04k0os testing 10s
testing.2r04j69n testing 10s
hallway.2qvnsjt5 hallway 10s
hallway.2qvnrlm0 hallway 10s
hallway.2qvnr5bh hallway 10s
hallway.2qvnora9 hallway 10s
outside.2qvk0ttq outside 10s
outside.2qvjvvg2 outside 10s
outside.2qvjt0rt outside 10s
bedroom.2qvfbnka bedroom 10s
bedroom.2qvfab2m bedroom 10s
bedroom.2qvf9i2u bedroom 10s

Model testing output