Alejandro Celis / Crane_Monitoring_with_Arduino_Nano_33_BLE_Sense Public

Test data

Set the 'expected outcome' for each sample to the desired outcome to automatically score the impulse.
Sample name Expected outcome Length Accuracy Result
vibrations.2mu2ph99 vibrations 5s
vibrations.2mrsrs3k vibrations 5s
vibrations.2mrsricu vibrations 5s
vibrations.2mrsmbnv vibrations 5s
vibrations.2mrsm17e vibrations 5s
motion.2mrsdjd6 motion 5s
vibrations.2mrsb1e3 vibrations 5s
vibrations.2mrsaneb vibrations 5s
vibrations.2mrsacva vibrations 5s
motion.2mrs94gt motion 5s
motion.2mrs8pj5 motion 5s
motion.2mrs82jr motion 5s
stop.2mrk7vtq stop 10s
stop.2mrjua06 stop 10s

Model testing output