Jenny Plunkett / Fan Monitoring - Advanced Anomaly Detection Public

Test data

Set the 'expected outcome' for each sample to the desired outcome to automatically score the impulse.
Sample name Expected outcome Length Anomaly Accuracy Result
testing.2fccqsbr testing 3s
nominal.2fcc6ikq nominal 3s
shaking.2fc68a4e shaking 3s
shaking.2fc67t42 shaking 3s
shaking.2fc67gfl shaking 3s
shaking.2fc676be shaking 3s
obstruction.2fc66nvr obstruction 3s
obstruction.2fc665kr obstruction 3s
obstruction.2fc65oo9 obstruction 3s
obstruction.2fc623kk obstruction 3s
obstruction.2fc5bk81 obstruction 3s
obstruction.2fc5bap6 obstruction 3s
obstruction.2fc5b0un obstruction 3s
obstruction.2fc5alac obstruction 3s
obstruction.2fc5ac53 obstruction 3s
obstruction.2fc5a2fl obstruction 3s
obstruction.2fc59ovf obstruction 3s
obstruction.2fc59f87 obstruction 3s
obstruction.2fc595ud obstruction 3s
obstruction.2fc58iee obstruction 3s
obstruction.2fc588q3 obstruction 3s
obstruction.2fc57s4p obstruction 3s
obstruction.2fc57ik5 obstruction 3s
obstruction.2fc578fs obstruction 3s
obstruction.2fc56rsl obstruction 3s
obstruction.2fc56ht4 obstruction 3s
obstruction.2fc5673k obstruction 3s
obstruction.2fc55tkk obstruction 3s
obstruction.2fc55kdh obstruction 3s
obstruction.2fc558md obstruction 3s
obstruction.2fc54ufj obstruction 3s
obstruction.2fc54fva obstruction 3s
obstruction.2fc54620 obstruction 3s
obstruction.2fc53pes obstruction 3s
obstruction.2fc53et7 obstruction 3s
obstruction.2fc535a4 obstruction 3s
obstruction.2fc52qvs obstruction 3s
obstruction.2fc52eac obstruction 3s
obstruction.2fc523hs obstruction 3s
obstruction.2fc51ppu obstruction 3s
obstruction.2fc51fus obstruction 3s
obstruction.2fc514a8 obstruction 3s
obstruction.2fc50q79 obstruction 3s
obstruction.2fc50f5g obstruction 3s
obstruction.2fc5056v obstruction 3s
obstruction.2fc4vra9 obstruction 3s
obstruction.2fc4vghh obstruction 3s
obstruction.2fc4v6nu obstruction 3s
obstruction.2fc4us79 obstruction 3s
obstruction.2fc4ui4q obstruction 3s
obstruction.2fc4u7fa obstruction 3s
shaking.2fc4rh3p shaking 3s
shaking.2fc4r7jp shaking 3s
shaking.2fc4qt9e shaking 3s
shaking.2fc4qj80 shaking 3s
shaking.2fc4q9hb shaking 3s
shaking.2fc4pqea shaking 3s
shaking.2fc4pgq0 shaking 3s
shaking.2fc4p6r3 shaking 3s
shaking.2fc4oopc shaking 3s
nominal.2fc4o803 nominal 3s
nominal.2fc4nr1l nominal 3s
nominal.2fc4mr2o nominal 3s
nominal.2fc4me5n nominal 3s
nominal.2fc4m1v1 nominal 3s
nominal.2fc4lo5a nominal 3s
nominal.2fc4ld39 nominal 3s
nominal.2fc4l3hf nominal 3s
nominal.2fc4koda nominal 3s
nominal.2fc4kfah nominal 3s
off.2fc4jf50 off 3s
off.2fc4ip9o off 3s
off.2fc4ido0 off 3s
off.2fc4i40t off 3s
off.2fc4hr2f off 3s
off.2fc4hfg1 off 3s
off.2fc4h5g4 off 3s
off.2fc4gs8e off 3s
off.2fc4gj9p off 3s
off.2fc4g7ul off 3s
shaking.2fc4aoa0 shaking 3s
shaking.2fc4aacp shaking 3s
shaking.2fc49opc shaking 3s
shaking.2fc45q3q shaking 3s
shaking.2fc44sf1 shaking 3s
shaking.2fc44fr6 shaking 3s
shaking.2fc443bn shaking 3s
shaking.2fc43om9 shaking 3s
shaking.2fc43eum shaking 3s
shaking.2fc43550 shaking 3s
shaking.2fc42k1u shaking 3s
shaking.2fc42a5f shaking 3s
shaking.2fc41t9m shaking 3s
shaking.2fc41hcs shaking 3s
shaking.2fc4181d shaking 3s
shaking.2fc40uje shaking 3s
shaking.2fc40ggj shaking 3s
shaking.2fc404nq shaking 3s
shaking.2fc3vq8n shaking 3s
shaking.2fc3vgph shaking 3s
shaking.2fc3v42o shaking 3s
shaking.2fc3upft shaking 3s
shaking.2fc2m9u9 shaking 3s
shaking.2fc2lv1f shaking 3s
shaking.2fc2lkpq shaking 3s
shaking.2fc2lb46 shaking 3s
shaking.2fc2l193 shaking 3s
shaking.2fc2kngd shaking 3s
shaking.2fc2kdop shaking 3s
shaking.2fc2k14r shaking 3s
shaking.2fc2jnao shaking 3s
shaking.2fc2jdr3 shaking 3s

Model testing output