Dhruv Sheth / Biomass-Estimation

This is your Edge Impulse project. From here you acquire new training data, design impulses and train models.

Creating your first impulse (100% complete)

Acquire data

Every Machine Learning project starts with data. You can capture data from a development board or your phone, or import data you already collected.

Design an impulse

Teach the model to interpret previously unseen data, based on historical data. Use this to categorize new data, or to find anomalies in sensor readings.


Package the complete impulse up, from signal processing code to trained model, and deploy it on your device. This ensures that the impulse runs with low latency and without requiring a network connection.

Download block output

Title Type Size
Image training data NPY file 154 windows
Image training labels NPY file 154 windows
Image testing data NPY file 19 windows
Image testing labels NPY file 19 windows
Regression model TensorFlow Lite (float32) 60 KB
Regression model TensorFlow Lite (int8 quantized) 19 KB
Regression model TensorFlow SavedModel 67 KB


Data collected
173 items

Project info

Project ID 41197
Project version 2