Edge Impulse Inc. / AC Motor Fault Detection Public

Test data

Set the 'expected outcome' for each sample to the desired outcome to automatically score the impulse.
Sample name Expected outcome Length Accuracy Result
class8.2b4n580e class8 1s
class8.2b4n57r0 class8 1s
class8.2b4n53f0 class8 1s
class9.2b4n53b6 class9 1s
class9.2b4n538a class9 1s
class9.2b4n53fd class9 1s
class9.2b4n53c3 class9 1s
class9.2b4n5365 class9 1s
class9.2b4n534u class9 1s
class8.2b4n530k class8 1s
class9.2b4n52pn class9 1s
class8.2b4n52eh class8 1s
class7.2b4n52ll class7 1s
class9.2b4n52s8 class9 1s
class8.2b4n52j7 class8 1s
class7.2b4n52ft class7 1s
class8.2b4n51tn class8 1s
class8.2b4n51ob class8 1s
class6.2b4n51qg class6 1s
class7.2b4n51na class7 1s
class7.2b4n51bh class7 1s
class7.2b4n51mu class7 1s
class7.2b4n516o class7 1s
class7.2b4n518l class7 1s
class7.2b4n5194 class7 1s
class6.2b4n51a2 class6 1s
class5.2b4n512q class5 1s
class6.2b4n510o class6 1s
class6.2b4n516m class6 1s
class6.2b4n5154 class6 1s
class6.2b4n50o7 class6 1s
class5.2b4n50lo class5 1s
class6.2b4n50sa class6 1s
class6.2b4n50to class6 1s
class5.2b4n50kb class5 1s
class5.2b4n50j3 class5 1s
class4.2b4n507j class4 1s
class5.2b4n5094 class5 1s
class5.2b4n50dk class5 1s
class5.2b4n4vh2 class5 1s
class2.2b4n4vro class2 1s
class4.2b4n4v7u class4 1s
class4.2b4n4vbp class4 1s
class3.2b4n4ut9 class3 1s
class4.2b4n4vka class4 1s
class5.2b4n4vcm class5 1s
class4.2b4n4vir class4 1s
class3.2b4n4uov class3 1s
class4.2b4n4uvs class4 1s
class3.2b4n4ucb class3 1s
class3.2b4n4uqb class3 1s
class4.2b4n4v30 class4 1s
class3.2b4n4uos class3 1s
class3.2b4n4unm class3 1s
class3.2b4n4up5 class3 1s
class2.2b4n4uv7 class2 1s
class3.2b4n4ur1 class3 1s
class4.2b4n4ut0 class4 1s
class2.2b4n4u5a class2 1s
class2.2b4n4u3s class2 1s
class2.2b4n4u0q class2 1s
class2.2b4n4u1p class2 1s
class2.2b4n4tv7 class2 1s
class11.2b4n4tgc class11 1s
class2.2b4n4ttq class2 1s
class11.2b4n4trb class11 1s
class10.2b4n4sa0 class10 1s
class11.2b4n4tdp class11 1s
class10.2b4n4su8 class10 1s
class11.2b4n4srr class11 1s
class11.2b4n4teo class11 1s
class10.2b4n4sj7 class10 1s
class1.2b4n4sma class1 1s
class11.2b4n4spg class11 1s
class1.2b4n4s5d class1 1s
class11.2b4n4s8n class11 1s
class1.2b4n4sek class1 1s
class10.2b4n4sq8 class10 1s
class1.2b4n4s78 class1 1s
class10.2b4n4sa7 class10 1s
class11.2b4n4sf2 class11 1s
class10.2b4n4sbp class10 1s
class10.2b4n4sms class10 1s
class1.2b4n4sh5 class1 1s
class1.2b4n4sef class1 1s
class10.2b4n4sb4 class10 1s
class1.2b4n4s29 class1 1s
class1.2b4n4s66 class1 1s

Model testing output