Jenny Plunkett / Counting Cubes Public

Test data

Set the 'expected outcome' for each sample to the desired outcome to automatically score the impulse.
Sample name Expected outcome Length Precision score Result
cube.jpg.2a2psj45 cube, cube, cube -
cube.jpg.2a2nveig cube, cube -
cube.jpg.2a2nqure cube, cube, cube, cube -
cube.jpg.2a2npa3u cube, cube, cube, cube, cube, cube, cube -
cube.jpg.2a2nojbe cube, cube, cube, cube, cube -
cube.jpg.2a2nnj13 cube, cube, cube, cube, cube, cube -
cube.jpg.2a2n12ou cube, cube, cube, cube, cube, cube -
cubes.jpg.23inbvht.ingestion-6797d84bf-mkqlt.jpg.2a2l9393 cube, cube, cube -
cubes.jpg.23im33f2.ingestion-6797d84bf-dn6tb.jpg.2a2l92iv cube, cube, cube -
green.jpg.23ijdnsu.ingestion-6797d84bf-dn6tb.jpg.2a2l8jim cube -
cubes.jpg.23imhcra.ingestion-6797d84bf-mrdk8.jpg.2a2l8j9o cube -
cubes.jpg.23imbrhk.ingestion-6797d84bf-mkqlt.jpg.2a2l8iv5 cube, cube -
cubes.jpg.23j45qpv.ingestion-6645fc556f-fjlf7.jpg.2a2l8idn cube, cube, cube -
cubes.jpg.23j4jlei.ingestion-6645fc556f-z69qf.jpg.2a2l8ibl cube, cube, cube -
cubes.jpg.23inffkr.ingestion-6797d84bf-dn6tb.jpg.2a2l8i9v cube -
cubes.jpg.23infb5c.ingestion-6797d84bf-dn6tb.jpg.2a2l8i77 cube -
cubes.jpg.23j3han1.ingestion-6645fc556f-z69qf.jpg.2a2l8i6r cube, cube -
cubes.jpg.23in2829.ingestion-6797d84bf-mkqlt.jpg.2a2l8hv5 cube, cube -
cubes.jpg.23il4pon.ingestion-6797d84bf-mkqlt.jpg.2a2l8h5d cube, cube -

Model testing output