Nordic Semiconductor / nrf_accel_hw Public

Test data

Set the 'expected outcome' for each sample to the desired outcome to automatically score the impulse.
Sample name Expected outcome Length Anomaly Accuracy Result
anomaly.json.23n6nhkc anomaly 30s
anomaly_shake anomaly 30s
idle.json.23n6d7jc idle 30s
idle.json.23n6bjtu idle 30s
rotate.json.23n5falt rotate 15s
rotate.json.23n5c8p7 rotate 15s
tap.json.23n57vm7 tap 1s
tap.json.23n57onk tap 1s
tap.json.23n577n7 tap 1s
tap.json.23n570f8 tap 1s
tap.json.23n56kfu tap 1s
tap.json.23n55nrv tap 1s
tap.json.23n55h7b tap 1s
tap.json.23n559ep tap 1s
tap.json.23n54sjh tap 1s
tap.json.23n53ivb tap 1s
tap.json.23n539qi tap 1s
tap.json.23n52nmg tap 1s
tap.json.23n52hjt tap 1s
tap.json.23n52aoq tap 1s
tap.json.23n524o8 tap 1s
tap.json.23n51o4i tap 1s
tap.json.23n51b6m tap 1s
tap.json.23n513cq tap 1s
tap.json.23n4vjg7 tap 1s
tap.json.23n4va1p tap 1s
tap.json.23n4v2vf tap 1s
tap.json.23n4urj7 tap 1s
tap.json.23n4ul8l tap 1s
tap.json.23n4uf0p tap 1s
tap.json.23n4u1mg tap 1s
tap.json.23n4treg tap 1s
anomaly.json.23n227k0 anomaly 20s
rotate.json.23n0j46n rotate 20s
rotate.json.23n0i5ss rotate 20s
updown.json.23n0elcn updown 20s
updown.json.23n0drpu updown 20s
updown.json.23n0c6om updown 20s
tap.json.23n0anpi tap 1s
tap.json.23n0a27f tap 1s
tap.json.23n09raa tap 1s
tap.json.23n09jrj tap 1s
updown.json.23n04dg6 updown 20s
tap.json.23js6bt5 tap 1s
tap.json.23js645h tap 1s
tap.json.23js5see tap 1s
tap.json.23js5lbs tap 1s
tap.json.23js51j6 tap 1s
tap.json.23js4a4o tap 1s
tap.json.23js42vc tap 1s
updown.json.23hl29ef updown 30s
rotate.json.23hjm4dp rotate 30s
idle.json.23hjjgjp idle 30s

Model testing output