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Test data

Set the 'expected outcome' for each sample to the desired outcome to automatically score the impulse.
Sample name Expected outcome Length Accuracy Result
up.24984aeb up 1s
up.24984aes up 1s
up.24984ach up 1s
up.24984ad1 up 1s
up.24984adi up 1s
up.24984abl up 1s
up.24984aaq up 1s
up.24984aaa up 1s
up.24984a9n up 1s
up.24984a8i up 1s
up.24984a98 up 1s
up.24984a8j up 1s
up.24984a7f up 1s
up.24984a6q up 1s
up.24984a6m up 1s
up.24984a5q up 1s
up.24984a4d up 1s
up.24984a4s up 1s
up.24984a39 up 1s
up.24984a2p up 1s
up.24984a3r up 1s
up.24984a28 up 1s
up.24984a1m up 1s
up.24984a0l up 1s
up.24984a01 up 1s
up.249849vf up 1s
up.249849u1 up 1s
up.249849u4 up 1s
up.249849t0 up 1s
up.249849ro up 1s
up.249849sd up 1s
up.249849rc up 1s
up.249849qk up 1s
up.249849pe up 1s
up.249849q4 up 1s
up.249849ou up 1s
up.249849mj up 1s
up.249849oa up 1s
up.249849n7 up 1s
up.249849o1 up 1s
up.249849kp up 1s
up.249849m2 up 1s
up.249849lk up 1s
up.249849ln up 1s
up.249849jg up 1s
up.249849j0 up 1s
up.249849hp up 1s
up.249849j3 up 1s
up.249849h2 up 1s
up.249849h0 up 1s
up.249849ej up 1s
up.249849g0 up 1s
up.249849f3 up 1s
up.249849eh up 1s
up.249849d7 up 1s
up.249849d8 up 1s
up.249849d7 up 1s
up.249849bk up 1s
up.249849b0 up 1s
up.249849au up 1s
up.2498499r up 1s
up.2498498t up 1s
up.2498499r up 1s
up.2498498b up 1s
up.2498497d up 1s
up.2498497h up 1s
up.2498496a up 1s
up.24984969 up 1s
up.24984957 up 1s
up.24984958 up 1s
up.2498495a up 1s
up.2498493m up 1s
up.2498492i up 1s
up.2498491v up 1s
up.2498490a up 1s
up.249848vt up 1s
up.249848vs up 1s
up.249848tl up 1s
up.249848u6 up 1s
up.249848um up 1s
up.249848te up 1s
up.249848so up 1s
up.249848sl up 1s
up.249848sm up 1s
up.249848p5 up 1s
up.249848q4 up 1s
up.249848pj up 1s
up.249848qs up 1s
up.249848ok up 1s
up.249848lt up 1s
up.249848nk up 1s
up.249848nh up 1s
up.249848me up 1s
up.249848kp up 1s
up.249848k0 up 1s
up.249848j1 up 1s
up.249848jo up 1s
up.249848iu up 1s
up.249848hv up 1s
up.249848gl up 1s
up.249848dv up 1s
up.249848g5 up 1s
up.249848f4 up 1s
up.249848fl up 1s
up.249848ei up 1s
up.249848e0 up 1s
up.249848d5 up 1s
up.249848d1 up 1s
up.249848d8 up 1s
up.249848be up 1s
up.2498489e up 1s
up.249848ah up 1s
up.249848ag up 1s
up.2498488i up 1s
up.24984882 up 1s
up.2498487k up 1s
up.2498486j up 1s
up.24984870 up 1s
up.2498485g up 1s
up.2498485u up 1s
up.2498485f up 1s
up.24984846 up 1s
up.2498482b up 1s
up.2498483j up 1s
up.2498481s up 1s
up.2498480j up 1s
up.24984802 up 1s
up.249847ve up 1s
up.249847vc up 1s
up.249847ub up 1s
up.249847sk up 1s
up.249847tq up 1s
up.249847t7 up 1s
up.249847sj up 1s
up.249847ra up 1s
up.249847lf up 1s
up.249847rc up 1s
up.249847pq up 1s
up.249847q7 up 1s
up.249847ov up 1s
up.249847od up 1s
up.249847ns up 1s
up.249847n9 up 1s
up.249847mq up 1s
up.249847li up 1s
up.249847ks up 1s
up.249847ka up 1s
up.249847io up 1s
up.249847j3 up 1s
up.249847ht up 1s
up.249847gs up 1s
up.249847he up 1s
up.249847fb up 1s
up.249847h2 up 1s
up.249847ft up 1s
up.249847fa up 1s
up.249847e8 up 1s
up.249847dm up 1s
up.249847dj up 1s
up.249847ar up 1s
up.249847at up 1s
up.249847ar up 1s
up.249847bo up 1s
up.2498478l up 1s
up.2498478j up 1s
up.2498478j up 1s
up.24984771 up 1s
up.24984770 up 1s
up.2498474q up 1s
up.2498473o up 1s
up.24984714 up 1s
up.24984728 up 1s
up.24984729 up 1s
up.2498470g up 1s
up.2498470g up 1s
up.249846vi up 1s
up.249846vf up 1s
up.249846ug up 1s
up.249846tb up 1s
up.249846ri up 1s
up.249846u8 up 1s
up.249846so up 1s
up.249846s9 up 1s
up.249846qq up 1s
up.249846r2 up 1s
up.249846os up 1s
up.249846pa up 1s
up.249846pu up 1s
up.249846oo up 1s
up.249846oq up 1s
up.249846na up 1s
up.249846n2 up 1s
up.249846ls up 1s
up.249846ki up 1s
up.249846jh up 1s
up.249846ie up 1s
up.249846j1 up 1s
up.249846k4 up 1s
up.249846hi up 1s
up.249846f7 up 1s
up.249846g5 up 1s
up.249846fn up 1s
up.249846e0 up 1s
up.249846f6 up 1s
up.249846du up 1s
up.249846d3 up 1s
up.249846ca up 1s
up.249846aa up 1s
up.249846be up 1s
up.2498469n up 1s
up.24984694 up 1s
up.249846at up 1s
up.2498467v up 1s
up.2498468i up 1s
up.24984682 up 1s
up.2498466q up 1s
up.24984676 up 1s
up.2498465c up 1s
up.2498465r up 1s
up.2498463u up 1s
up.2498463f up 1s
up.2498463e up 1s
up.2498462c up 1s
up.24984606 up 1s
up.2498460r up 1s
up.2498461c up 1s
up.2498460i up 1s
up.249845vc up 1s
up.249845uo up 1s
up.249845tq up 1s
up.249845t7 up 1s
up.249845up up 1s
up.249845tc up 1s
up.249845re up 1s
up.249845rd up 1s
up.249845pq up 1s
up.249845p8 up 1s
up.249845on up 1s
up.249845om up 1s
up.249845n1 up 1s
up.249845mv up 1s
up.249845l7 up 1s
up.249845k5 up 1s
up.249845lo up 1s
up.249845je up 1s
up.249845hq up 1s
up.249845ic up 1s
up.249845h3 up 1s
up.249845gh up 1s
up.249845f7 up 1s
up.2498457b up 1s
up.249845ad up 1s
up.249845bh up 1s
up.249845ad up 1s
up.249845as up 1s
up.249845bb up 1s
up.249845a7 up 1s
up.249845bi up 1s
up.249845a8 up 1s
up.249845ad up 1s
up.249845a9 up 1s
up.249845a6 up 1s
up.2498459a up 1s
up.24984572 up 1s
up.24984571 up 1s
up.24984569 up 1s
up.2498456q up 1s
up.2498455n up 1s
up.2498454m up 1s
up.24984546 up 1s
up.249844v2 up 1s
up.249844v2 up 1s
up.249844uv up 1s
up.249844v2 up 1s
up.249844rr up 1s
up.249844rs up 1s
up.249844qp up 1s
up.249844qp up 1s
up.249844p3 up 1s
up.249844pl up 1s
up.249844eg up 1s
up.249844ec up 1s
up.249844eh up 1s
up.249844ek up 1s
up.249844ef up 1s
up.249844ds up 1s
up.249844en up 1s
up.249844eb up 1s
up.249844du up 1s
up.249844ed up 1s
up.249844eo up 1s
up.249844e4 up 1s
up.249844e8 up 1s
up.249844ed up 1s
up.249844dt up 1s
up.249844dr up 1s
up.249844e9 up 1s
up.249844dr up 1s
up.249844e6 up 1s
up.249844dv up 1s
stop.2498329v stop 1s
stop.24983295 stop 1s
stop.2498329j stop 1s
stop.2498328l stop 1s
stop.2498327j stop 1s
stop.2498326a stop 1s
stop.2498327r stop 1s
stop.2498326o stop 1s
stop.2498325i stop 1s
stop.2498323i stop 1s
stop.24983251 stop 1s
stop.2498323i stop 1s
stop.2498324f stop 1s
stop.2498323h stop 1s
stop.2498321q stop 1s
stop.2498321v stop 1s
stop.2498321s stop 1s
stop.2498321t stop 1s
stop.249831v8 stop 1s
stop.249831u0 stop 1s
stop.249831tp stop 1s
stop.249831sp stop 1s
stop.249831sr stop 1s
stop.249831re stop 1s
stop.249831rc stop 1s
stop.249831p8 stop 1s
stop.249831pu stop 1s
stop.249831pa stop 1s
stop.249831qc stop 1s
stop.249831o8 stop 1s
stop.249831le stop 1s
stop.249831lu stop 1s
stop.249831kj stop 1s
stop.249831k6 stop 1s
stop.249831k5 stop 1s
stop.249831ik stop 1s
stop.249831ii stop 1s
stop.249831j2 stop 1s
stop.249831il stop 1s
stop.249831gh stop 1s
stop.249831h0 stop 1s
stop.249831gj stop 1s
stop.249831f0 stop 1s
stop.249831fh stop 1s
stop.249831ee stop 1s
stop.249831do stop 1s
stop.249831cj stop 1s
stop.249831d3 stop 1s
stop.249831c1 stop 1s
stop.249831b4 stop 1s
stop.2498319f stop 1s
stop.24983192 stop 1s
stop.2498318b stop 1s
stop.24983182 stop 1s
stop.2498316e stop 1s
stop.2498314u stop 1s
stop.2498315o stop 1s
stop.2498314p stop 1s
stop.2498312n stop 1s
stop.24983148 stop 1s
stop.24983141 stop 1s
stop.2498311l stop 1s
stop.24983138 stop 1s
stop.2498311l stop 1s
stop.24983125 stop 1s
stop.249830v5 stop 1s
stop.2498310d stop 1s
stop.2498310h stop 1s
stop.249830ur stop 1s
stop.249830ut stop 1s
stop.249830st stop 1s
stop.249830t1 stop 1s
stop.249830qd stop 1s
stop.249830t2 stop 1s
stop.249830qd stop 1s
stop.249830qf stop 1s
stop.249830op stop 1s
stop.249830op stop 1s
stop.249830nl stop 1s
stop.249830nj stop 1s
stop.249830mg stop 1s
stop.249830l0 stop 1s
stop.249830k1 stop 1s
stop.249830k0 stop 1s
stop.249830ki stop 1s
stop.249830il stop 1s
stop.249830ha stop 1s
stop.249830i5 stop 1s
stop.249830hl stop 1s
stop.249830g9 stop 1s
stop.249830ff stop 1s
stop.249830ds stop 1s
stop.249830ec stop 1s
stop.249830da stop 1s
stop.249830c1 stop 1s
stop.249830cq stop 1s
stop.249830ai stop 1s
stop.249830ab stop 1s
stop.249830ad stop 1s
stop.2498309f stop 1s
stop.2498308g stop 1s
stop.2498308v stop 1s
stop.2498307i stop 1s
stop.2498307v stop 1s
stop.2498306b stop 1s
stop.2498306q stop 1s
stop.2498306a stop 1s
stop.2498304f stop 1s
stop.2498304h stop 1s
stop.2498304f stop 1s
stop.24983052 stop 1s
stop.2498302u stop 1s
stop.2498302e stop 1s
stop.24983015 stop 1s
stop.24983000 stop 1s
stop.24982vvv stop 1s
stop.24982vut stop 1s
stop.24982vud stop 1s
stop.24982vss stop 1s
stop.24982vru stop 1s
stop.24982vre stop 1s
stop.24982vqp stop 1s
stop.24982vq9 stop 1s
stop.24982vo9 stop 1s
stop.24982vpl stop 1s
stop.24982vn6 stop 1s
stop.24982vot stop 1s
stop.24982vnm stop 1s
stop.24982vll stop 1s
stop.24982vmo stop 1s
stop.24982vmn stop 1s
stop.24982vlm stop 1s
stop.24982vjg stop 1s
stop.24982vk9 stop 1s
stop.24982vjh stop 1s
stop.24982vjj stop 1s
stop.24982vhu stop 1s
stop.24982vhl stop 1s
stop.24982vgu stop 1s
stop.24982vga stop 1s
stop.24982vek stop 1s
stop.24982vfd stop 1s
stop.24982ve2 stop 1s
stop.24982vct stop 1s
stop.24982vcc stop 1s
stop.24982vcb stop 1s
stop.24982vb5 stop 1s
stop.24982v9h stop 1s
stop.24982v8d stop 1s
stop.24982va0 stop 1s
stop.24982v9h stop 1s
stop.24982v8g stop 1s
stop.24982v8g stop 1s
stop.24982v6r stop 1s
stop.24982v5c stop 1s
stop.24982v59 stop 1s
stop.24982v6r stop 1s
stop.24982v5e stop 1s
stop.24982v5u stop 1s
stop.24982v5b stop 1s
stop.24982v39 stop 1s
stop.24982v39 stop 1s
stop.24982v3a stop 1s
stop.24982v0d stop 1s
stop.24982uvf stop 1s
stop.24982uvg stop 1s
stop.24982uvr stop 1s
stop.24982uti stop 1s
stop.24982us3 stop 1s
stop.24982usl stop 1s
stop.24982urj stop 1s
stop.24982uqf stop 1s
stop.24982urj stop 1s
stop.24982uoo stop 1s
stop.24982upn stop 1s
stop.24982uo4 stop 1s
stop.24982un0 stop 1s
stop.24982unk stop 1s
stop.24982um7 stop 1s
stop.24982ulb stop 1s
stop.24982ukn stop 1s
stop.24982uln stop 1s
stop.24982uju stop 1s
stop.24982ujr stop 1s
stop.24982uin stop 1s
stop.24982uga stop 1s
stop.24982uim stop 1s
stop.24982uio stop 1s
stop.24982uh5 stop 1s
stop.24982ufo stop 1s
stop.24982ueg stop 1s
stop.24982uf5 stop 1s
stop.24982udl stop 1s
stop.24982ubf stop 1s
stop.24982uc8 stop 1s
stop.24982ud1 stop 1s
stop.24982uaq stop 1s
stop.24982uam stop 1s
stop.24982u9m stop 1s
stop.24982u8n stop 1s
stop.24982u85 stop 1s
stop.24982u97 stop 1s
stop.24982u7k stop 1s
stop.24982u7j stop 1s
stop.24982u6g stop 1s
stop.24982u5n stop 1s
stop.24982u60 stop 1s
stop.24982u45 stop 1s
stop.24982u4i stop 1s
stop.24982u3g stop 1s
stop.24982u31 stop 1s
stop.24982u2u stop 1s
stop.24982u1t stop 1s
stop.24982u15 stop 1s
stop.24982u09 stop 1s
stop.24982tvd stop 1s
stop.24982tuo stop 1s
stop.24982ttl stop 1s
stop.24982trl stop 1s
stop.24982tsq stop 1s
stop.24982tsq stop 1s
stop.24982tqu stop 1s
stop.24982tpm stop 1s
stop.24982tqb stop 1s
stop.24982toj stop 1s
stop.24982tpm stop 1s
stop.24982tok stop 1s
stop.24982toi stop 1s
stop.24982toe stop 1s
stop.24982tk3 stop 1s
stop.24982tmf stop 1s
stop.24982tnq stop 1s
stop.24982tlt stop 1s
stop.24982tkm stop 1s
stop.24982tk2 stop 1s
stop.24982ti6 stop 1s
stop.24982tj2 stop 1s
stop.24982ti8 stop 1s
stop.24982tgo stop 1s
stop.24982tha stop 1s
stop.24982tgl stop 1s
stop.24982te7 stop 1s
stop.24982tdn stop 1s
stop.24982td3 stop 1s
stop.24982td2 stop 1s
stop.24982td3 stop 1s
stop.24982td3 stop 1s
stop.24982tb3 stop 1s
stop.24982tai stop 1s
stop.24982t9i stop 1s
stop.24982t7t stop 1s
stop.24982t6i stop 1s
stop.24982t7d stop 1s
stop.24982t52 stop 1s
stop.24982t2v stop 1s
stop.24982t26 stop 1s
stop.24982t0d stop 1s
stop.24982t1u stop 1s
stop.24982t22 stop 1s
stop.24982svm stop 1s
stop.24982sv2 stop 1s