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Upload pretrained model - Step 1: Upload a model

1. Upload your trained model

Upload a TensorFlow SavedModel (saved_model.zip), ONNX model (.onnx), TensorFlow Lite model (.tflite), LGBM model (.txt), XGBoost model (.json) or pickle model (.pkl) to get started.

2. Model performance

Do you want performance characteristics (latency, RAM and ROM) for a specific device?

Step 2: Process "model_unquant.tflite"

Configure model settings for optimal processing.

Model input

Input shape: (224, 224, 3)

How is your input scaled?

Input should be in RGB format (one value per pixel). If your model uses a different channel order, or is scaled differently, then select "Other".

Model output

Output shape: (10)

Output labels (10)

Enter labels for your model separated by ','.

Check model behavior

Upload test data to ensure correct model settings and proper model processing. (Optional)

Upload an image

Upload an image to try out your model. The image will be automatically resized to 224x224 (RGB).