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Test data

Set the 'expected outcome' for each sample to the desired outcome to automatically score the impulse.
Sample name Expected outcome Length Accuracy Result
testing.1tq8t5hi issue 3s
testing.1tq8rmn5 normal 3s
testing.1tq8qq4p off 3s
normal.1tq6qjvh.s1 normal 3s
normal.1tq6perb.s2 normal 3s
normal.1tq6perb.s1 normal 3s
off.1tq6nged.s4 off 3s
off.1tq6nged.s3 off 3s
off.1tq6nged.s2 off 3s
off.1tq6nged.s1 off 3s
issue.1tq6o9ar.s3 issue 3s
issue.1tq6o9ar.s2 issue 3s
issue.1tq6o9ar.s1 issue 3s

Model testing output