Kutluhan Aktar / IoT AI-driven Smart Grocery Cart Public
Set the 'expected outcome' for each sample to the desired outcome to automatically score the impulse.
Sample name Expected outcome Length F1 score Result
Food.2022_12_7_15-48-25 pringles 0s 100%
Food.2022_12_7_15-48-5 pringles 0s 100%
Food.2022_12_7_15-47-15 snickers 0s 0%
Food.2022_12_7_15-47-45 nutella 0s 100%
Food.2022_12_7_15-47-25 nutella 0s 100%
Food.2022_12_7_15-47-2 snickers 0s 100%
Food.2022_12_7_15-45-55 barilla 0s 100%
Drink.2022_12_7_15-41-3 milk 0s 100%
Food.2022_12_7_15-45-30 barilla 0s 100%
Drink.2022_12_7_15-40-55 milk 0s 100%

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