Edge Impulse Inc. / Tutorial: Continuous motion recognition Public

Test data

Set the 'expected outcome' for each sample to the desired outcome to automatically score the impulse.
Sample name Expected outcome Length Anomaly Accuracy Result
idle.3.cbor.1q53q9pm idle 10s
updown.2.cbor.1q53q9pq updown 10s
snake.1.cbor.1q53q9po snake 10s
updown.3.cbor.1q53q9pt updown 10s
wave.1.cbor.1q53q9pr wave 10s
wave.2.cbor.1q53q9ps wave 10s
snake.2.cbor.1q53q9pm snake 10s
idle.2.cbor.1q53q9pg idle 10s
updown.1.cbor.1q53q9pl updown 5s
idle.4.cbor.1q53q9pj idle 10s
wave.4.cbor.1q53q9pq wave 10s
wave.3.cbor.1q53q9pt wave 10s
idle.1.cbor.1q53q9pg idle 10s
updown.4.cbor.1q53q9po updown 10s
snake.3.cbor.1q53q9or snake 10s
shake.1.cbor.1q53q9ph anomaly 5s

Model testing output